I am a mask-maker, puppeteer and sfx artist from Brisbane.


Behind The Scenes

Max, Fang, Iggy and Ari


Piéra Forde as Max

Jacob Irvine as Fang

Liam Howarth as Iggy

Aleks Canard as Ari

Dale Norton as Film making Wizard 

SFX: Brian Craddock, Caitlin Smart

Latex Nose for Laughing Jack cosplay

Private commission, 2014

The Walking Dead cosplays at Supanova, Gold Coast 6th April 2014.

Zombie silicone prosthetics on middle zombie by CraddockFX.

lianacus asked: Wow ! Thanks for following your fx is so amazing how did you get in to the fx business


Thankyou :)
I like yours, too.
I got into very slowly. Started as a puppeteer, then as a mask masker, and then started to do makeups using the skills i’d learnt in the first two disciplines. I took a hiatus for a few years from it, and have been doing stuff in the last 2 years that i never did in the decade before.

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